RAAMP is built on dynamic lease abstraction.
Leases need not only to be understood, but understood in the context of the property as a whole.

RAAMP walks you through a simple interface to abstract even the most complicated lease. Once a lease is in the enviroment it is now related to every lease in your company; not just the property. This allows deep cross-referenced relationships that will alert you of possible conflicts with other tenants or property restrictions.

RAAMP implementations reduce risk and increase profit for all your properties.

Root Concepts

  1. Each property added to a company is defined with units/suites. These "Spaces" are a historical timeline of every modification to the space along with:
    Tenant Lease Addendums
    Lease Files
    Tenant LL correspondance
    Financial data
  2. Easily Produce a date specific Rent Roll with a click of a button. Rent Rolls are dynamic; you have active links to summary files, leases, and all tenant data within RAAMP. You can define stakeholder's to provide read-only access
  3. Manage Tenant Financial data and Lease provisions with ease.
  4. Review Calendar and setup notifications to alert you of key dates and expirations.
  5. Each property and Tenant has a "Notebook" to catalog discussions and tasks. This is historical and will attached to the tenant records.

To get started with RAAMP you'll first setup the company structure then add properties. You define spaces and place tenants in those spaces.

You can also add older leases into RAAMP if you want a more complete history of the property as a whole.

If you are not already a RAAMP user you'll need to register your company with RAAMP. This will give you your own custom domain within RAAMP. ie: https://mycompany.raamp.com

Once you have a RAAMP account you'll contact the seller and give them your company access Id. Once the seller sets the property for transfer you'll be notified with the monthly cost and final approval. If you accept the seller will be sent your company details for final verification to release the Property to your control.

Properties can be transferred to other RAAMP users upon sell of your property. This gives your seller the complete history of the property and makes the transition of ownership a seamless process.

You can choose what to share and what not to share. You have complete control of your Contacts and records.

After you sell a property you can trasnfer it to the new owner, You'll need their Company Access Id. After the seller accepts ownership. You'll get a notification and the company details for final verification to release the Property to their control.

When you Transfer a property you retain all history files and data of that property. You can later delete it or retain it indefinetely. However, you won't have access to any of the data of the new owner.

Your Team

RAAMP is a team enviroment allowing you to define roles for each team member.

Realtime Data

RAAMP instantly applies updated data across all user sessions.

Lease Abstraction


With the exception of some very short-term leases almost all commerical leases contain an escalation clause. You can escalate leases on a specific date or define recurring escalations using either a specific dollar amount, index, or fixed rate.

Option Periods

Set exercise deadlines for option periods, or allow the lease to automatically enter an option period on lease expiration. Holdover is easily defined and collected based on your desired behaviors.


Manage CAM expenses, taxes, insurance and other recoverables. Multiple recovery approaches and using everthing from arbitrary amounts to Pro Rata Share of buildings, units, or custom spaces. You can Gross Up, set base year escalation caps, and define custom admin fees.


Keep a complete history of delinquency. You have the flexablity to define custom late fees and percentages. There is a robust system for recovering these fees.


Track your tenant's sales and bind them to percentage rents or default conditions. Manage your auditing rights and time frames.

Percentage Rents

Trigger Percentage rents on many variables. You have the ability to bind triggers to anchor tenants, contruction delays, time frames and natural and unnatural break points.

File Management

Easily organise and share files across RAAMP and externally. You can define your own custom folder structure for each tenant, or make templates to simply future leases.


Define clauses to be reported on the summary, along with making custom templates to be used across multiple properties or restrained to a single property.

Default Conditions

Be it LL or Tenant default; the conditons of default can be bound to many fields such as: Percentage Rents, Delinquency, Late Fees, Sales, or Abatement.


You can offer free rent, or abate the rent for a specified time or dollar amount. You also have the flexability to abate individual CAM expenses or charges.


Track use rights of the tenant. If the tenant has exclusive use rights this will cross reference all other leases to alert you of potential conflicts and violations.

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