Property Management Accounting

Accounting needs to be easily entered and easily understood. RAAMP takes a logical approach to accounting that property managers and accountants can rely. 
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Journal Entries

Entering journal entries can be done fast and efficiently. You can upload trial balances directly into RAAMP to create the associated transactions using our upload template. You can also assign billbacks and passthroughs directly to tenants, all without ever leaving the Journal entry page.


Enter your bills or credits from Vendors or Clients easily. You can set the bill ref numbers to auto increment for utilities and other recurring bills. With our integrated file management system you can easily upload scanned documents or use your phone to take snapshots of the bills. All billbacks for tenants automatically adjust CAM recs and alert you the next time you invoice a tenant.


You can invoice any entity within RAAMP, You can invoice Vendors, Contacts, Other properties or even other Property's Tenants (This is Great for HOA and POA). With the file management system you can attach any documents to the invoices you need.

Credit Memos

Over payments, and credit memos are easy to create and use. You can even create a Credit memo directly from an invoice.


Checks can be created manually or will automatically be created through our Make Payment feature.

Printing Checks

Write Checks in RAAMP and print them directly from RAAMP using easy to configure check printing templates

Receiving Payments

You can receive payment from any entity, a payment can be received with or without an invoice. Any payments made in advance or without an invoice automatically get recorded as unearned revenue and then are credit to AP after the invoice is created.

Making Payments

Make Payments in batches or specific to vendors, multiple payments to a vendor automatically get consolidated to a single check or ACH transaction.

Transfering funds

Easily transfer funds from one bank account to another without the need to create a payable, invoice or JE.

Bank Reconciliations

Bank Reconciliations can be completed easily with built in calculators, Split screen viewing of Debits and Credits and the ability to enter outstanding fees and charges directly on the reconciliation entry.

Close out entries

Closing out a year is simple and transparent. Lock out years with a password to prevent accidental charges. Retained Earnings can automatically be computed but can be customized for your needs.

Vendor Management

Track insurance, contacts, and files of all your vendors. Vendors can be added in real time as you are entering payables without the need to navigate to a different screen.


Create budgets within Raamp through our intuitive budgeting module. You can pull historical data from previous years and manipulate it on the fly through projections, percentage modifications. Income accounts can be directly pulled from Rent Rolls and CAM estimates.


Balance Sheets, PL, Budgets and other reports can be reported on by property or you can consolidate multiple entities into a single report.

Memorized Reports

Any report can be memorized and customized using real language. Reports can be bundled into Excel Workbooks , combined PDFS or run separately and placed in a ZIP file.

Memorized Journal Entries

Memorize JE for debt service, distributions etc. that can be run monthly weekly or as often as you need.

Memorized Invoices

When RAAMP memorizes a transaction, it doesn't simple memorize a number. RAAMP knows your lease, escalations, options, delinquency, percentage rent can all be automatically generated on the invoice.

Memorized Bills

Memorized Bills for utilities, payments and other recurring transactions. Reference numbers can be generated automatically and customized to avoid confusion and duplicates.

Chart of Accounts

Accounts can be made property/company specific. Moved, nested, and searched. You can customize accounts to create custom PL reports for a single property or company.

Notification system

Notify tenants through email, and attach their invoice or any additional file directly to the correspondence. All emails and files are archived automatically in the tenant's file folders.

Global search

When dealing with multiple entities, mistakes can be made, transactions can be miscoded. RAAMP has a global search that can search all transactions intelligently, and get you back on track quickly.

Receiving Payments

We'll organize your files in RAAMP and give you the ability to share internally or externally. You can define your own custom folder structure for each tenant or make templates to simplify future leases.

Transfering funds

You'll define the clauses and provisions you want to be reported on the summary, along with our lease abstraction team making custom templates to be used across multiple properties or restrained to a single property.

Bank Reconciliations

Rent  abatement will be defined based on rent for a specified time or dollar amount. We also have the flexibility to abate individual CAM expenses or charges, so you always know your CAM responsibilities

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