Who We Are

An intimate team of customer-focused professionals

Our Story

Founded in 2015, RAAMP combines robust Lease Management, Accounting and Document storage in a team-shared environment. Developed as an internal tool for private asset management, RAAMP was designed by a core group of analysts, property managers and CFOs and replaces over-engineered, overly complex industry solutions with a simple, elegant platform.

With corporate offices located in the Northwestern Mutual building in downtown Greenville, SC and satellite offices in Charleston and Lexington, SC, RAAMP is a growing, vibrant addition to the burgeoning South Carolina tech sector.

Our Mission

To increase productivity between management teams, reduce risk of missed revenue, and eliminate the need for multiple software and file management systems within a company.

Currently helping real estate asset management teams track, organize and report on millions of square feet of commercial space.

Our Vision

To become the ONLY tool Commercial Real Estate professionals need to manage Accounting and Lease Documentation.

To serve as the “all-inclusive hub” our customers need, reducing complex data migration concerns and disparate legacy systems integration.

Our Values


We approach everything we do through an honest, transparent approach with clients and employees.


We promise to bring a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to our work and yours. We want you to love doing business with us as much as we love doing business with you. 


We look for innovative and creative ways to meet challenges and work with our clients and their unique businesses, creating long-term, lasting relationships. 


We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business, and we are committed to focusing on delivering superior service and excellence in solutions. 

Sound Judgement

Sound judgment is essential, and is perhaps one of the most crucial assets required of a great business partner. You can trust us to carefully consider your needs, all aspects of your business, and stand upon the foundation of our articulated values to make careful and well-reasoned decisions.​