Lease Abstraction Services

Accurate Lease Abstracts: Have our expert staff abstract your leases directly into your FREE RAAMP account. Our lease abstraction services offer the most affordable rate because we utilize RAAMP to abstract all your leases. Learn more

Lease Administration 

Peace of mind: Ensure you never miss a favorable option by leveraging our responsive team to manage your leases with services like: Performing monthly audits, and rent roll comparisons. We keep track of rent escalations, key clauses, send out estoppels and waivers through our e-signature module, and so much more.  Services are catered to fit your needs.

  Accounting Data Entry

Get more time: From bank reconciliations to historical data, our team can combine multiple data streams directly into your RAAMP account.

  Accounting Migration

Move Beyond QuickBooks: QuickBooks was great, but it wasn’t designed for commercial real estate. RAAMP was built by property managers to make your life easier. Our team of experts can ease the transition from legacy systems by customizing RAAMP’s accounting suite to your company.