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I’d like to add the Accounting Module, what do I do?

Your company’s Domain Administrator can add the Accounting Module by logging onto their “My Account” page, selecting Billing Information on the left-side menu and clicking the ‘Modules’ tab in the top menu bar.  There is a toggle bar beside each property; simply click the toggle “on” for each property you would like to have access to the module. Full Accounting reports include Balance Sheets, P&L, Budgets, Forecasting, and Market Adjustments. You can contact us at 1-800-944-5173 and choose Option 1, and you may also wish to use our Contact Form.

How do I contact Support?

You can contact RAAMP Support at 1-800-944-5173.  Select option #2 for tech support from the phone option directory to reach additional departments. You may also wish to contact us via email at [email protected] or you may also wish to use our Contact Form.

Is my data safe?

RAAMP stores your files securely in blob storage using Microsoft Azure’s Geo-Redundant service. Files converted to a byte array then are encrypted while at rest and are served to our customers via a secured 256bit SSL connection. The way our files are stored and controlled make them virtually immune to ransomware attacks or malicious intent.

The current version of a file is stored in single rack on a Solid-State Drive and concurrently, two more copies are stored in a separate rack within the same facility on the East Coast. Geo-Redundancy offers a second layer of security with another series of copies at a west coast facility storing the files in the same manner bringing the total copies of the current files up to six.

RAAMP additionally creates differential back-ups of all files and versions and stores the differential information at two undisclosed, regionally separate locations.

I have an idea or a feature request, how do I submit it?

We greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions.  Please submit them to our support team at [email protected] You may also wish to use our Contact Form.

How do I contract with your Lease Abstraction Services?

Our sales team is available to answer any questions about services offered by RAAMP and our Partners. You can contact us at 1-800-944-5173 and choose Option 1. You may also wish to use our Contact Form.

What features are standard with a RAAMP implementation?

RAAMP standard features and operations include custom security role assignment, CRM, tasks, notebooks, notifications management and unlimited users and file storage. Additionally:

• Abatement
• Clauses
• Customized Check Printing
• Escalations
• Financial Data
• Date Driven Events
• Delinquencies
• Expense Management
• Insurance Management
• Lease Abstraction
• Lease Files
• Market Data Mapping
• Notification Centers
• Opportunity Tracking
• Option Period Tracking
• Recoverables Tracking
• Reporting
• Sales
• Tenant LL Correspondence
• Tenant Lease Addendum