Lease Administration platform

  • Your data comes to you! Direct calendar integrations with all Calendar providers: Google, Outlook and Apple Calendars
  • All leases in your network will be secure and alerted of last day to exercise an option.
  • Files link directly to your contacts, properties, and leases

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One-Click ASC 842 Compliance

  • Centralize your files and simplify procedures on a highly secure platform
  • Access your documents anytime, anywhere, and with ease
  • Facilitate effortless collaboration among team members.
lease file management
real estate document management software that has placeholders for missing filess

Missing Files Tracker

  • Directly pinpoint and flag missing files within folders, ensuring no document goes unnoticed
  • Missing Files Reports alert you to missing leases and overlooked amendments
  • Effortlessly restore document order by intuitively dragging and dropping recovered files into their assigned spots

Document Maker & E-Signatures

  • Use your lease and location data to create templates using placeholders. 

  • Create Complex documents, instantly!
real estate document management software that is more than just lease file management, leases link directly to the file.

Data Linked to the Source

  • When it really matters you will always go back to the lease.  RAAMP knows you want to see it in the lease, because the lease in the only truth.

  • Click on a data point or event and RAAMP pulls up the lease and automatically scrolls to the corresponding section. 

Secure File Portal Mastery

  • Unrivaled control of file access and distribution

  • Effortlessly manage documents from leases to licenses

  • Experience seamless mobile functionality on the go
Virtual Drive

RAAMP Virtual Drive

  • Access all your documents on your local PC

  • Actively work on documents using any of your favorite apps, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, AutoCAD, etc.

  • Automatically works with your RAAMP account No setup required.

  • Easy to install and uses zero disk space
More Features
  • Audit trails and file history

  • Share files via email links

  • Built in video streaming

  • Integrated E-Signatures
  • Use your Phone as a Scanner

  • Unlimited Portals

  • Add key dates to any file to receive notifications

  • Customizable Folder Structure
  • Makes notes and comments on files

  • PDF annotation

  • Built-in OCR capability

  • Share files across teams