RAAMP is proud to announce its status as an official Industry Partner for the Institute of Real Estate Management in South Carolina!

RAAMP Is a Proud Industry Partner of IREM
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RAAMP is proud to announce its status as an official Industry Partner for the Institute of Real Estate Management in South Carolina!

Serving real estate professionals who manage all property types, IREM SC has been an integral force in the southeast area since 1972. IREM SC is dedicated to delivering leading-edge networking and educational offerings for every stage of real estate professional’s career, evolving to provide lifelong professional development opportunities.

IREMSC Q1 Meeting

IREMSC Q1 Meeting

IREM® is an international force of 20,000 individuals united to advance the profession of real estate management. Through training, professional development, and collaboration, IREM® supports members and others in the industry through every stage of their career.

IREM believes in people, and provides the tools they need to succeed. IREM opens doors, forges connections, and helps show the way forward. Backed by the power that comes with being an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®, IREM adds value to members, who in turn add value to their teams, their workplaces, and the properties in their commercial and residential portfolios.

IREM memberships empower college students, young professionals, and industry veterans who are committed to career advancement.

Earning IREM credentials, including the CPM®, ARM®, ACoM, and AMO®, demonstrates a commitment to, and passion for, good management. These credentials, along with our courses and array of resources, all exist with one goal in mind – to make a difference in the careers of those who manage.

RAAMP is proud to be an Industry Partner of this excellent organization.

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