Franchise Onboarding Package

Why are you abstracting leases?

You’re abstracting leases to audit all of your departments and operations. We abstract into the RAAMP platform and perform an automated audit while still abstracting leases 40-60% faster and for lower cost.

Commercial real estate leases often have complex details that impact the legal and financial aspects of the property. RAAMP links your abstracts directly to your lease documents from within the RAAMP lease administration platform to ensure key dates and data points don’t get overlooked.

Our process for your results:

1.       Audit Locations:

2.       Determine appropriate Contacts:


                                                             a.      On-site Emergency Contacts

                                                             b.      On-site Contacts

                                                             c.      Legal Contacts

                                                             d.      Primary Contacts

                                                             e.      Property Managers


                                                             a.      On-site Emergency Contacts

                                                             b.      On-site Contacts

                                                             c.      Legal Contacts

                                                             d.      Primary Contacts

                                                             e.      Billing Contacts

3.       Once all Contacts are defined, we create a file data room for each location and define the users of each location.

4.       All lease files are uploaded.

5.       RAAMP abstracts all leases and audits key dates. Commencement dates, TICAM,(Taxes Insurance Common Area Maintenance. TI allowances

6.       Lease abstracts audited against PL books.

7.       Determine the best format and Frequency for monthly reports.

8.       On going automated audits and RAAMP support staff at your disposal.


With the exception of some very short-term leases almost all commercial leases contain an escalation clause. Your abstracts will  escalate leases on a specific date or define recurring escalations using either a specific dollar amount, index, or fixed rate.

Option Periods

Notifications are built into our abstracts and will set exercise deadlines for option periods or allow the lease to automatically enter an option period on lease expiration. Holdover is easily defined and collected based on your desired behaviors.


Manage CAM expenses, taxes, insurance and other recoverables. Multiple recovery approaches and using everything from arbitrary amounts to Pro Rata Share of buildings, units, or custom spaces. The charges can Gross Up, set base year escalation caps, and define custom admin fees.


After we abstract there will be the ability to keep a complete history of delinquency. With the flexibility to define custom late fees and percentages.


We'll define your sales reporting requirements for each lease, and with your free RAAMP account you'll be able to report and track sales all online.

Percentage Rents

Percentage rents defined on many variables; with the ability to bind triggers to anchor tenants, construction delays, time frames and natural and unnatural break points.

File Management

We'll organize your files in RAAMP and give you the ability to share internally or externally. You can define your own custom folder structure for each tenant or make templates to simplify future leases.

Clauses & Provisions

You'll define the clauses and provisions you want to be reported on the summary, along with our lease abstraction team making custom templates to be used across multiple properties or restrained to a single property.


Rent  abatement will be defined based on rent for a specified time or dollar amount. We also have the flexibility to abate individual CAM expenses or charges, so you always know your CAM responsibilities

Commercial leases are complex, and we will work with your team to make sure they understand any nuances.

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