Misc Tools & Features

At Our Heart, We Build

We are passionate about creating and making tools and features that truly impact our customers. Some of these tools are custom-made to meet specific customer needs, while others address well-known demands within the industry.

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Forms Module

Our lightweight, easy-to-use forms module is designed to replace external software like JotForm or Google Sheets. Key features include

  • Seamless embedding on your own site
  • Support for both internal and external users of forms
  • Automated reminders for scheduled reports or optional use as needed.

Notebooks & Task Management

Track Maintenance, Tasks related to store opening, inspections, or pretty much anything related to an asset or location
  • Dates can be linked so if the Certificate of Occupancy¬† changes all your events like 2, 6 and 8 week walk throughs or warranties automatically update
  • Dates Link to our Calendar service so you can see all the information on your calendar of choice
  • Easily assign tasks to team members
  • See all your tasks or events in a global view


  • Define Territories by zip, state, region, or polygons
  • Integrated Census Demographic Data
  • Easy to use, and easy to detect anomalies or overlapping territories before they become a liability

Global Business Analytics

Franchisors and franchisees need a comprehensive understanding of their entire network. You can connect your preferred business intelligence tools at no additional cost to aggregate, store, or process your RAAMP data in your own data lakes or favorite BI tools like Getting Started with Power BI for Free | Microsoft Power BI.

  • OData format for easy pagination and querying RAAMP side
  • JSON object responses
  • Clean Beautiful data

Integrated CRM

  • All your landlord, franchisee, insurance, legal, billing, and customer contacts right where to need them
  • All contacts have their own file management system, tasks and notebooks
  • Integrated insurance module for auto or other insurances related to a contact
  • Easily download and chare Vcard files to your phone.

RAAMP Call Center

  • Each franchisor gets a personalized phone number for their RAAMP account
  • Incoming calls linked to related records, automatically pulling up your RAAMP data for our US based operators
  • Ability to answer location-related questions from verified landlords or contacts directly over the phone
  • Currently operating in Eastern Standard Time (EST), with more time zones coming soon

Location Portals

  • Give access to RAAMP data to external users for a specific location
  • Great for onsite contacts and GM’s
  • Great for maintenance techs and book keepers.
Insurance report and upload

Insurance Compliance Module

  • Compare Requirements to actual coverage
  • Automate insurance document collection¬†
  • Ensure proper additional named insured.
  • Franchisor updated of compliance in real time