A Lease Centered Operational Suite for CRE Professionals

RAAMP is the software platform to manage your portfolio with transparency and accuracy. 

Dynamic Lease Abstraction • Property Management • File Management  • CRM  • Accounting  •  Task Management •  GIS Mapping

Built around your team

Increase productivity between management teams, reduce the risk of missed revenue, and eliminate the need for multiple software and file management systems.

RAAMP combines robust Commercial Real Estate Accounting tools, and Lease and Document Management in a team-shared environment. Developed as an internal tool for private asset management, RAAMP was designed by a core group of analysts, property managers and CFOs and replaces overly complex industry solutions with a simple, elegant platform.

RAAMP’s platform solution increases productivity between management teams, reduces the risk of missed revenue, and eliminates the need for multiple software and file management systems within a company.

RAAMP solutions support millions of square feet of managed space for the commercial property management industry.

Resources That Support You Along the Way

RAAMP Real Estate Accounting Software

From Low-tech to Proptech – How Successful CRE Firms are Achieving Results

In the 2019 Deloitte Commercial Real Estate Outlook, the report had five key takeaways, one of which explored how the rapid evolution of technology and consumer preferences is redesigning commercial real estate (CRE) business models and bringing rapid change to the industry. Concurrently, the Altus CRE Innovation report of January 2019 collected similar findings.

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