More than just a property management software. A Lease Centered Operational Suite for CRE Professionals

Fewer spreadsheets. Less headaches. More revenue.

Dynamic Lease Abstraction • Property Management • File Management  • CRM  • Accounting  •  Task Management •  GIS Mapping

From property managers managing multiple properties to franchisees who struggle with lease administration. Raamp is an operational suite that can elevate your procedures and solve the previously unsolvable. We’re a tech company at heart and our developers listen and apply your knowledge to your needs. We practice agile development and continuous integration. 

Founded to Solve a Problem, Innovating to Solve More.

The real estate industry was long limited by the tools at its disposal. RAAMP’s founders knew it was possible to forever revolutionize the way real estate industry professionals worked, so they created a platform to realize their vision. And, because RAAMP is anything but static, users can rest assured that the platform will evolve right alongside the industry and its ever-changing demands.

Creator of Easier Jobs, Lighter Workloads, and Shorter Workweeks.

Each one of RAAMP’s functions and features are designed to ensure easy acclimation to the platform, and seamless integration into its users’ workday. But the true test of the platform’s effectiveness? RAAMP customers often note that their teams are more connected than ever before, that more work is being completed without taking on additional tasks, and that they can’t imagine reverting back to the way they used to work.

Always Available to Help, Support
— and Raise the Stakes

The team behind RAAMP is serious about pursuing excellence and innovation, but just as serious about old-fashioned customer service. Available as operational support when needed, as a reliable advisor with a second opinion, and as programmers, able to deliver customizations, the RAAMP team is in the habit of over-delivering to create better solutions for its customers.

Lease Abstraction with RAAMP

 Do you struggle with:

  • Time consuming paperwork

  • CAM recs

  • Insurance compliance

  • Budgets

  • Lease Administration

  • Dealing with crisis after crisis

Manage your assets, not the paperwork.

You want to have profitable assets, not a liability draining your time and cash flow.

Real estate is a complex business built on complicated contracts and CRE professionals have the headache of managing those after they’ve been commenced.

Those leases are full of countless pitfalls when details get missed, forgotten, or overlooked.

This creates a recipe for constant stress, as conflicts make day to day tasks a seeming unending to-do list and CRE pros just want to gain the trust and respect of property owners and tenants.

What if you could
have an unfair advantage?

With RAAMP you are armed with more information, better data, and actionable insights to work smarter. While others work harder using outdated tools and time-consuming processes, you can finally get ahead. You might even get to relax again.

Working with RAAMP

1. We assess your company

We’ll do a demo of our solution and listen to you. We’ll get a clear understanding of how your company is structured and how RAAMP can help you.

2. We meet with your accounting team

Every company is different so we’ll meet you where you are, which means we won’t change how you do business, rather we help you do it more efficiently. We’ll show you how to make your current work easier using RAAMPs tools.

3. We offer support

Whether you need lease abstraction, digitization of assets, document creation, consultations, or other back office support we’ve got you covered.

RAAMP Real Estate Accounting and Asset Management Platform integrates with

4. We get busy driving results 

We work with your team to train you so you have the easiest and most supportive onboarding processes you’ve ever experienced.


Don’t stress about getting behind.

It’s time to get ahead.

Chasing paperwork, ever-encroaching deadlines, and information squirreled away in apps, spreadsheets, file cabinets, and post-it notes leaves you with no single source of truth. Too much of your company’s intelligence is simply not visible to the whole team. 

RAAMP is like another member of your team that helps everyone do their job better with more information, less surprises, and better results. You’ll wonder how you ever did business without RAAMP by your side.



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