More than just a property management software.
A Lease Centered Operational Suite for CRE Professionals

Fewer spreadsheets. Less headaches. More revenue.

Dynamic Lease Abstraction • Property Management • File Management  • CRM  • Accounting  •  Task Management •  GIS Mapping •  Insurance Compliance •  Budgeting •  Bill Pay •  Tenant portals

Industries have nomenclature that can relay a key concept through a single word; our industry is no different. This comprehensive guide will give you a better understanding of our industry through its own language.

From property managers to franchisees who struggle with lease administration. Both tenants and landlords rely on Raamp to elevate their procedures and income. 

Clients who use us:

Leases are full of pitfalls when details get missed, forgotten, or overlooked. Raamp prevents this by standardizing your Lease Administration.

Raamp defines itself by being driven by the lease. An abstracted lease isn’t simply a text file, the lease is abstracted to actionable data with notifications, file management and a CRM all being populated by the abstract of the lease. Your organization will have a standardized process that all team members can understand and act upon.

RAAMP CRE Lease Accounting Software
An accounting system that connects property managers and accountants.

The challenges created by using disparate accounting, document and lease management solutions are innumerable. RAAMP’s robust Accounting module can easily manage and report from multiple companies without having to log out or switch company files.

Raamp’s accounting system isn’t based on memorizing a transaction, Raamp knows your lease. Delinquency, Percentage Rents, CAM estimates and holdover are automatically computed.

Don’t stress about getting behind. It’s time to get ahead.

Chasing paperwork, ever-encroaching deadlines, and information squirreled away in apps, spreadsheets, file cabinets, and post-it notes leaves you with no single source of truth. Too much of your company’s intelligence is simply not visible to the whole team.

Raamp is like another member of your team that helps everyone do their job better with more information, less surprises, and better results. You’ll wonder how you ever did business without Raamp by your side.

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