Lease Centered Property Management Software

RAAMP is the platform to manage your properties with transparency and accuracy. 

Dynamic Lease Abstraction  • File Management  • CRM  • Accounting  •  Task Management 

Empower your team

Increase productivity between management teams, reduce the risk of missed revenue, and eliminate the need for multiple software and file management systems.

RAAMP combines robust Commercial Real Estate Accounting tools, and Lease and Document Management in a team-shared environment. Developed as an internal tool for private asset management, RAAMP was designed by a core group of analysts, property managers and CFOs and replaces overly complex industry solutions with a simple, elegant platform.

RAAMP’s platform solution increases productivity between management teams, reduces the risk of missed revenue, and eliminates the need for multiple software and file management systems within a company.

RAAMP solutions support millions of square feet of managed space for the commercial property management industry.

Lease Abstraction

RAAMP’s intuitive interfaces allows effortless Lease Abstraction. More important, once a lease is in the environment it is related to every lease in your company; not just a single property. This allows deep, cross-referenced relationships enabling conflict alerts with other tenants or as a result of property restrictions.

Next, with one click, easily produce date-specific, dynamic Rent Rolls with active links to summary files, leases, and all tenant data.

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The challenges created by using disparate accounting, document and lease management solutions are innumerable. RAAMP’s robust Accounting module assures compliance while integrating with lease and property documents in a completely transparent manner. You can easily manage and report from multiple companies without having to log out or switch company files.

Next, set RAAMP’s Accounting module to automatically modify memorized invoices and expense recovery is greatly simplified. Never miss an escalation, lease expiration, option renewal or billable item again.

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With RAAMP, there is no need to force integration or fit with a third-party CRM solution; RAAMP’s CRM is built-in, fully integrated with all components and specifically designed for the Commercial Property Management industry.

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Document Management

Recreate full folder structures with a drag and drop from the desktop and never lose files or access to key documents again. Standard legal documents, tenant lease addendums, lease files, correspondence and more are easily organized and shared across RAAMP internally and externally. You can define your own custom folder structure for each tenant or make templates to simply future leases.

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RAAMP delivers a host of standard and customizable reports via the browser or download.  Reports include Accounting: Profit & Loss, Budgeted Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, AR Aging, Unpaid Bills; Property: Rent Roll; Tenant: Tenant Ledger, Tenant Contact Report, Tenant Billback Report; Banking: Reconciliation Report, Check Register; Vendor: Vendor Ledger.

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User Management

RAAMP makes it simple to customize roles and users, views and rights access, and allows read-only access as well.

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