Lease Administration

  • Your data comes to you! Direct calendar integrations with all Calendar providers: Google, Outlook and Apple Calendars
  • All leases in your network will be secure and alerted of last day to exercise an option.
  • Files link directly to your contacts, properties, and leases

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One-Click ASC 842 Compliance for your franchisees. 3 steps.

  1. Decide the metrics for reasonably certain to exercise.
  2. Choose your discount rate 
  3. Select a Start date of Compliance.
One Click ASC-842 compliance
real estate document management software that has placeholders for missing filess

Missing Files Tracker

Leases are more than simply one document; an active lease is a series of documents that indicate the health of your portfolio. You need a system that helps you see the entire lease and its related documents.
  • Directly pinpoint and flag missing files
  • Missing Files Report alerts you to missing leases, overlooked amendments, commencement letters, exercised options, and articles
  • Effortlessly restore document order by intuitively dragging and dropping recovered files into their assigned spots

Charges (TICAM)

  • We put more money in your franchisees’ pockets.
  • Our system makes understanding their Taxes, Insurance, and Common Area Maintenance easy.
  • We can assist with CAM audits, we only get paid if they do!
CAM Charges
real estate document management software that is more than just lease file management, leases link directly to the file.

Data Linked to the Source

  • When it really matters you will always go back to the lease.  RAAMP knows you want to see it in the lease, because the lease in the only truth.
  • Click on a data point or event and RAAMP pulls up the lease and automatically scrolls to the corresponding section. 

Easy Estoppel and Document Creation

  • During a refinance or acquisition, you’ll need to send out estoppels and waivers to all parties. RAAMP can create them instantly and send them for signature directly in the app.  
  • Use your lease and location data to create templates using placeholders.
  • Create Complex documents, instantly!
Insurance report and upload

Insurance Compliance 

  • Compare Lease Requirements to actual coverage
  • Automate insurance document collection 
  • Ensure proper additional named insured.
  • Franchisor updated of compliance in real time

Percentage Rents & Sales Reporting

  • Artificial and Natural breakpoints (Learn more)
  • Easy Sales reporting
  • If you are using our royalty module this is automatically computed as well.
Sales and percentage rents
Lease Abstraction Interfaces


With the exception of some very short-term leases almost all commercial leases contain an escalation clause. You can escalate leases on a specific date or define recurring escalations using either a specific dollar amount, index, or fixed rate.

Option Periods

Set exercise deadlines for option periods or allow the lease to automatically enter an option period on lease expiration. Holdover is easily defined and computed based on your desired behaviors


Keep a complete history of delinquency. You have the flexibility to define custom late fees and percentages. There is a robust system for uncovering these fees.


Manage CAM expenses, taxes, insurance and other recoverables. Multiple recovery approaches and using everything from arbitrary amounts to Pro Rata Share of buildings, units, or custom spaces. You can Gross Up, set base year escalation caps, and define custom admin fees.


Track your franchisee sales and bind them to percentage rents or default conditions. Manage landlord auditing rights and time frames

Percentage Rents

Trigger Percentage rents on many variables. You have the ability to bind triggers to anchor tenants, construction delays, time frames and natural and unnatural break points.

Clauses & Provisions

Define clauses to be reported on the Lease Abstract, along with making custom templates to be used across multiple leases or restrained to a single location.

Default Conditions

Be it Landlord or Tenant default; the conditions of default can be bound to many fields such as: Percentage Rents, Delinquency, Late Fees, Sales, or Abatement.


Track free rent or abate the rent for a specified time or dollar amount. You also have the flexibility to abate individual CAM expenses or charges.

Tasks & Notebooks

Create tasks and entries that link to your calendars for any events related to the lease or location. You can use this project management solution to open store and have events automatically update if the certificate of occupancy or move in dates change.

Tenant Portal

You can allow your onsite workers access to critical documents or submit forms, pay rent, find emergency contacts, and report sales.

Location CRM

All landlord, onsite, managers, workers, and all other contacts can be easily found and contacted using our integrated CRM.


Master lease, subleases, and multiple suites and units can easily be configured and managed. This is particularly helpful for franchisors who have a master lease and sublet to their franchisees.

Index Leases

RAAMP automatically pulls from the Bureau of Labor and statistics to calculate CPI rent increases or Prime calculations.


Track all your prepaid rent, security deposits for each lease. Easily see your entire list of deposits and the withholding conditions.

Instant Bank Ready Rent Rolls

Select a date, and get a bank ready rent roll for your entire lease portfolio

Lease Abstracts

Automatically create a lease abstract or an abstract for each location and export to PDF, Word or Excel


Intelligent lease amendments, update the lease information without disrupting the history of the original lease.