Resources, Abstraction, & Asset Management Platform.

We give you peace of mind.

We work with multi-unit operators in QSR, fast casual, multi-location restaurants and chains
so that you can have peace of mind across your entire network.


Our resource planning expertise has helped franchisors and franchisees open more stores and operate more efficiently. With RAAMP, you gain a partner dedicated to enhancing your operational efficiency and achieving long-term success.

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RAAMP provides a comprehensive lease management solution that allows franchises to easily store, track, and manage all of their lease agreements in one centralized location. This feature includes tools for tracking rent payments, lease renewals, and other key milestones, ensuring that franchises stay on top of their obligations and minimize the risk of missing important deadlines.

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Contract & Document Management

RAAMP is the one source of truth for all your documentation. Licenses, Permits, Franchise Agreements, Leases, Vehicle Registrations, Insurance, Driver’s Licenses.

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Other Tools

We are a Resources, Abstraction & Assessment Management Platform. Like you, we are dedicated to building and perfecting systems. We want to be a part of your growth and build amazing systems together! 

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What RAAMP can do for you.

Enjoy constant monitoring of lease agreements

Organize all of your critical renewal dates

Enjoy personal reminder calls when key dates are close

Simplify the file management process

Keep your important documents safe and secure

Create bank-ready rent rolls instantly

Receive fast, flexible reporting to protect your profits

Easily access your emergency contacts for all of your locations

Territory mapping

Let RAAMP manage your leases, so you can get back to work.

Find new locations, don’t worry about leases.

Making Missed Deadlines a Thing of the Past!

Protected Locations


Hundreds of Favorable Option Periods Exercised